#City & Town Planning
Concerned Residents & Environmentalists

The FCC Act of 1996, takes away justice for any residents of America to raise concerns for health.

We are asking for attention to have the proper studies done with fast moving technologies before forcing the public to have to live in any possible harm.

Question: Why does the FCC supersede state and local government from revoking placement of cell antennas or cell towers because residents have health concerns?

*** After Researchers have shown evidence that human exposure does cause harmful effects, European cities are now taking down and refusing to place cellular antennas or cellular towers that are near humans homes, schools, churches, and work. We demand that until conclusive studies can prove otherwise, that All Antenna placement not be placed at close proximity to homes, schools, churches, and work. We are also asking for the government to include areas that would be of an environmental impact!

After all we have seen history repeat itself -Example; the tobacco industry said it was safe to smoke, and we have lost family and friends because we trusted that proof. Let's make sure we don't repeat the same mistakes at a humans right to a healthy-good life, we have the RIGHT TO SAY NO-After all isn't it Democracy!

We, the undersigned, call on City Council Members to uphold qualifty of life, property values, neighborhood integrity, health concerns surrounding environmental impact concerns.

We demand the Right to choose a Cellular Antenna Free life!

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