#Animal Rights
United States of America

East Montgomery county is growing fast. New neighborhoods, homes and businesses. Loose animals and strays are often seen. Many people dump their animals with no close by animal shelter to help. Often, must wait hours for Animal Control to come help with an animal in need.

With the growth of this area, more animals are being dumped and abandoned. Strays are running around with no one to care for them. Dogs are being abused with no one investigating. Most recently, a case of a sweet dog named Liberty whose front paws where cut off and she was dumped/left to die, and the abuser was never found.
This county desperately needs a no kill humane society or SPCA or ASPCA facility that will fight for the well being of the pets in this area and to go against the puppy mills in the area. An effective TNR program and low cost spay/neuter with this facility is also needed, as there are NO options for this in east Montgomery county!
An animal advocacy facility like this would make a huge difference in this community. We ask that you consider construction of a facility like this in this community immediately so we may help the animals in need.

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