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Australian federal government Canberra

The RSPCA Australia is a private corporation that has put profits and power over the genuine needs of animal welfare.

Australians have no avenue to ensure accountability under the current animal welfare legislation, leaving the RSPCA to become above the law to the detriment of the best interests of animal welfare.

The RSPCA’s current powers of prosecution, shelter kill rates and rescue services are no longer in line with community expectations.

A full government enquiry into the RSPCA’s use of awarded powers, their finances, their shelter kill rates, their use of the excuse “Behavioural issues” to kill healthy animals, and the use of public and taxpayer funding must start immediately to restore ailing public confidence in their services.

Increased complaints from all over Australia confirm the need for urgent intervention by the federal government, from attacks on private shelters and rescue groups, unethical use of their powers of prosecution to massive payouts of ex staff for their silence.

There are currently thousands of public complaints, hundreds of ex staff and volunteers, veterinarians, and legal professionals whose voices must be heard; Only a full parliamentary enquiry will offer the safe guards from RSPCA legal attacks and intimidation, currently being reported to be occurring all over Australia.

Until a national inquiry is in place a legal team is being assembled around Australia to deal with many recent issues, please email australianalliance@bigpond.com with your case information, complaints or leaked information.



WE THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA; Demand that the Australian federal government immediately organise a full parliamentary enquiry into the full workings of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

We ask that the honorable government immediately restrict the RSPCA’s power of prosecution in each state of Australia, and hand any present cases over to police prosecution services until the results of an enquiry can be addressed

The national enquiry must have the scope to address all aspects of the RSPCA’s workings over the past 10 years including;

• A full legal overview of all recent and current prosecutions.
• Their genuine kill rates and reasons provided.
• Employee contracts and dismissal payments.
• All payments to private legal services and any connections to current or past staff.
• An overview of financial expenditure.
• Council pound payments to the RSPCA for handling and destruction of animals

All complainants that come forward must be protected by parliament from RSPCA intimidation and prosecution to ensure their safety.

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