#Animal Welfare

Animals used in circuses live a dismal life of domination, confinement, and violent training. It is standard practice to beat, shock, and whip them to make them perform ridiculous tricks that don't mimic natural behaviours at all. They don't perform because they want to, but because they're afraid not to.

Most elephants used in circuses were captured in the wild. Once removed from their families and natural habitat, their lives consist of little more than chains and intimidation. Baby elephants born on breeding farms are Prematurely torn from their mothers, kept isolated and tied with ropes until they learn to fear their trainers.

Sticks, ax handles, baseball bats and metal pipes are used to hit and beat restrained animals in order to break their spirit and show them 'whose boss'. Often electric prods are used and smaller hand-held shocking devices that are easily concealed.

A growing number of countries, cities, and counties are banning or restricting the use of animals in circuses. Animals often suffer crippling injuries from constant chaining and performing physically difficult tricks. They are forced to eat, drink, sleep, defecate an urinate in the same cramped spaces.
Laws protecting animals in travelling shows are inadequate and poorly enforced, and no government agency or humane society monitors training sessions where abuse occurs behind the scenes.

People should know that shrine circuses raise funds for the temples' administrative costs, not for the shriners' children's hospitals.

Please urge the Shriners to find alternative means of funding. Many circuses are eliminating the use of animals for entertainment, and many cities are already banning circuses that use animals. There is something you can do.

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