Sloppy Joe's Bar and Grill

SuperBowl XXXIX on Sunday February 06, 2005 proved to be just like any other. The best part were the comercials, the Coors Light girls were smokin', and the Patriots won...and oh yeah...Andy Owen, 52, was loud/obnoxious. Des Brown, 33, was pissed off. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ufortunately this time, Des took offense to Andy's harmless 'court jester' antics and resorted to violence. (Two punches and a forceful 'shove' [punishable by law in any province or state]).

Given the subsequent derailment of 'goods moods' around the establishment, one of the two parties involved left the bar. Andy left in good faith deciding cool/sober heads would prevail in the morning. While Des 'powerplayed' Peter, the owner, into barring Andy indefinately citing he brings in more business. Andy grew up and resides in the area and has frequented Sloppy's and other pubs in the lakeshore community long before Des decided to convert from his Dixie/Dundas roots.

We the undersigned, petition that Andy Marlow Owen be reinstated to enter Sloppy Joe's and one free Boddingtons Ale upon request.

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