#Human Rights
Hong Kong

We are a group of “Medical Volunteers”, with consideration of the values and spirits of humanitarian,
providing voluntary first-aid services on the premise of political neutrality to the injured people in the series of Hong Kong demonstrations,
of which commonly followed by clashes between the police and the public since 12 June.
However, we have seen an increasing number of volunteers getting injured,
as well as being threatened and hindered when carrying out first-aid to the injured as the conflict intensified.
There are even volunteers being arrest while performing humanitarian works at the scene of the conflict.
In view of such situation, we are eager to make the following appeals to the Government, the police and the public:
We solemnly request cooperation from all parties, to the greatest extent possible, for our voluntary first-aid services.
All men are created equal. We believe that no one should be subjected to any violence, regardless of their political stance or value orientation.
Referring to the recent events, unfortunately, Medical Volunteers have encountered obstruction to varying degrees more than once.
We had managed to carry out first-aid to the injured yet were expelled from the scene of the conflict, leaving the injured people bleeding at the scene.
Your positive cooperation for our first-aid services is thereby requesting in consideration of humanitarian spirits, no matter what stakeholder you are.
We solemnly request all parties to refrain from doing anything that might harm Medical Volunteers.
In view of the armed conflict are escalating, the personal safety of Medical Volunteers are endangered.
There were volunteers being attacked when they are performing humanitarian works in the midst of conflict.
Many of them suffered personal injury to different extent, and some injuries are permanent and irreversible.
Sadly some volunteers have been accidentally injured due to suspected indiscriminate response from the law enforcement personnel, or even have been arrest.
The recent enforcement actions revealed an obvious insufficient transparency in enforcement guidelines,
resulting in the interests and personal security of the public and the law enforcement personnel unguaranteed.
We hereby urge the police to disclose the relevant enforcement guidelines of their clearance operations in public manner,
for Medical Volunteers can cooperate with each other without affecting the first-aid services.
We solemnly request the police to hold accountable for explanation of the unjustifiable arrest.
Many of Medical Volunteers were unreasonably arrest by the police during their first-aid operations at the scene of the conflict.
In here we must reiterate that Medical Volunteers are providing first-aid services to the injured citizens under the principle of political neutrality,
without fear or favour. We have no intention to participate in any action that involve political implications,
or to overstep our responsibilities as paramedical personnel.
We are in great doubt to the motives and reasons of the police charged for the arrest.
In view of this, we urge the Government or the police to give a public explanation of the unjustifiable arrest of Medical Volunteers so as to address our doubts.
The conscience of humanity is the critical criterion when talking about stance and value orientation.
We hope all the parties could rethink the meaning of human rights basics and take the value of life to heart, in order to make concerted efforts in maintaining the unwavering humanitarianism benchmark.
At last, we call for practical actions of the Government and the police as soon as possible in response to the above-mentioned appeals.

Medical Volunteers who merely focus on life-saving
5 September, 2019

醫護義工 緊急呼籲
(1) 我們懇請各方人士,盡量配合義工急救工作

(2) 我們懇請各方人士,切勿傷害醫護義工
(3) 我們懇請政府回應拘捕「醫護義工」的事件
「醫護義工」多次義務急救的行動當中,警方曾對我們多名人員作出拘捕。 在此我們必須強調,一眾「醫護義工」是以無私、政治中立的前提下為受傷市民提供急救服務,並無參與到任何有政治成份或者作出逾越急救人員本份的行動。有見及此,我們促請政府能就一連串拘捕個案作出公開回應以釋除疑慮。



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