Ascension Development Teams

Recent changes to the play on Andorhal server have seen a drastic drop in population as well as the server economy. Players are less inclined to play which makes it next to impossible to plan or carry out gameplay including dungeons and raids. We are concerned that our server is dying and wish to take steps to revitalize it and make it a place for all levels of player to enjoy.
Our Auction House went from 5000-8000 items offered to 1000-2000 in a matter of weeks. The AH is a source of in-game income for a vast majority of players and this lack of activity is crippling the economy.

This petition is for the Ascension server of Andorhal. Signing below indicates your request to/for:
*Allow Bind on Equip items to remain Bind on Equip after rolling Mystic Runes on them.
*More transparency in communication between the development team and the player community.
*A low-level quest that teaches new players how to use the Random Enchantments to enhance their gaming experience.

This petition was drafted by the Guild Leaders of Class, Dark Wolves, Long Live Cenarius, OAK and The People.

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