#Children's Rights
Willyard Elementary School students and PTA
United States of America

We the children who are students at Willyard Elementary School located in Ravenna, OH wish to have an evening devoted to a school dance for all students as were held in the early 1980's.

But rather than have Friday evenings for the dance on a regular basis; we the students at Willyard are signing this petition for the right to hold at least one school dance this year for the 2007/2008 school year and see how it goes for possible future regular dances as were held in the early 1980's at Willyard.

There may be parent(s) that protest this, but in that event, their child need not attend, because ultimately it is at the parents discretion. However rules must apply and chaperone volunteers must be provided.

This petition is to get signatures to hold a school dance for Willyard Elementary school students.

Any and all grades at Willyard are welcome to attend with parental permission.

After receiving enough signatures we can then present it to principal, Mrs. Diane Kenter for approval.

We would also like the help and support of the PTA for our dance we would like to hold in the school gymnasium.

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