#Roads & Transport
Amwaj Management and Security, and Bahrain Police

Residences of Amwaj love being outdoors. We are known around Bahrain for being out with our families walking, jogging, and bicycling.

People flock to Amwaj because it is one of the safest places to have this family time in all of Bahrain. When new comers are house hunting on Amwaj they see the pedestrians enjoying life outside during all hours of the day and want to be a part of it too. Then they make the move to Amwaj and take their first family walk, run, or ride only to find that they are faced with cars speeding past at break neck speeds.

Mothers rush to secure their little ones walking and father struggle to get jogging stroller up onto curbs with no ramps. These reckless drivers are dangerous enough to drivers going the speed limit, but pose a deadly threat to the numerous pedestrians who are trying to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that Amwaj intended to capture.

We are sick of being scared, we are sick of wondering if our family outings will result in the death of our loved ones. Additionally we are sick of these reckless drivers speeding past our cars, nearly side swiping us, weaving in and out of cars, and ultimately driving like they are at the BIC, with no regard to other drivers but just trying to save 5 minutes on the ride home.

We are asking that measures be taking to enforce speed laws on Amwaj. We would like the speed limits to be posted with a consistent speed limit; right now the speed limit signs on major roads is marked 50k but Amwaj gate sign says 40k.

We would like more speed bumps to be added on all roads; side roads with speed limits of 30k have very few speed bumps and drives fly past children biking, baby strollers, and children at free play; and there need to be more speed bumps on major roads between straightaways where some drives get up to speeds of 100k+.

We would like to see a greater police presence on Amwaj and speeding tickets to be issued to drivers violating speed laws.

We desperately want to be able to enjoy safe streets and feel comfortable taking our families out to enjoy Amwaj's beauty.

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