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We believe Congress was very reckless in approving the Economic Stimulus Plan on February 13, 2009. The Democrats and 3 Republicans that voted for the Plan did not read the Plan. The Republicans that voted against the Plan were not allowed to read the Plan.

This Plan will do nothing but create insurmountable debt for our children and grandchildren, run-away inflation, and suppression of our freedom with little or no stimulus to our economy.

We believe the citizens of the United States should be allowed to vote on the Economic Stimulus Plan just approved by Congress in a special election. If the majority of Americans vote against the Plan, it shall be deemed null and void.

We believe American citizens should also vote on any future spending bills that Congress introduces. 100 Senators and 435 Representatives do not accurately represent the 300,000,000 Americans that will be affected by current and future spending measures and social issues.

Any bills not winning majority approval of American voters will not be brought up for vote again during the current administration’s tenure.

We believe the citizens of The United States should also be allowed to vote on the Tax Cut & Incentive Plan outlined below in a special election. If approved, the Tax Cut & Incentive Plan would be implemented immediately.

Tax Cut & Incentive Plan

1. First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit of $15,000
2. Second-Time to Fifth-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit of $7,500
3. New Car Purchase Tax Credit of $3,000
4. Suspension of Federal Payroll Taxes, Social Security, and Medicare for 6 Months
5. Stimulus Payment to Taxpayers with Federal Tax Withheld in 2008 of $1500
6. Elimination of Capital Gains Tax
7. Across the Board Reduction of All Current Federal Tax Rates by 5%
8. Small Business Tax Credits of $5,000 for Every New Employee Hired in 2009
9. Tax Credit Equal to Total Individual Out-of-Pocket Health Insurance Costs
10. Eliminate Medical Expense Limitation from 7.5% to 0% of Adjusted Gross Income
11. Eliminate Miscellaneous Expense Limitation from 2% to 0% of Adjusted Gross Income
12. Reduce Business Tax Rate to 10%
13. Eliminate the Death Tax

We believe the implementation of these tax cuts and incentives will immediately begin to stimulate the United States Economy and sustain the economy as long as the government does not interfere.

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