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USA, UK, European Union and United Nations

Call to action: Discontinue ZDERA (2001), discontinue all sanctions on Zimbabwe.


Zimbabweans; whilst there has been corruption and mismanagement of the little national wealth that was there, some of you have really tried for a better Zimbabwe. You may be living in a dilemma, in confusion, uncertainty; lack of understanding and breakdown of order; God is calling you into reflection; look back into the 33years after Zimbabwe became independent. Whatever could have happened, everyone needs to reflect on those events, misrepresentations, insincerities and fraudulences that have now taken the nation to one point; failure. Irrespective of tribes and political affiliations, you all have a duty to come together; join hands, repent from the latter reflections and start on a new leaf.

Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (2001)

America introduced ZDERA to facilitate a transition to democracy and to promote economic recovery in Zimbabwe. However; ZDERA has caused the Zimbabwean economy to deteriorate and cause severe hardships to the society. For twelve years, America through ZDERA restricted the Zimbabwean government and companies to access financial assistance from international monetary institutions, a necessity that is making other nations’ economy thrive.

Economic sanctions by European Union and America

For twelve years, America and Europe have restricted most companies from investing and trading in Zimbabwe. This further crippled the Zimbabwean economy as most companies closed resulting in high unemployment, lack of primary health care and basic education.

Ordinary Zimbabwean; how are you affected by all sanctions against Zimbabwe?

When America and Europe prohibited companies from investing and trading in Zimbabwe, companies closed. This is why you lost your jobs. This is why the country cannot generate cash to provide free education and primary health care for you. This is why you have no food. Your President may have weaknesses yes, but these have been worsened by financial and trade sanctions that have tied his hands. He is now unable to deliver his promises on creating employment and improving the social conditions for you. America and Europe have closed all the ways that could lead your government into generating money for you; money that could provide you with healthcare; education and jobs.

Targeted sanctions … are you affected as an ordinary Zimbabwean?

Yes, they are individual targeted sanctions but further to this, the Zimbabwean government has also been sanctioned which affects you. This means the government cannot ask for loans from anywhere in order attend to your country’s needs, but that’s the money that is supposed to come down to you in terms of healthcare, education, etc. No foreign companies trade with Zimbabwe; but those are the companies you are supposed to be working for. So when sanctions target the government, they have targeted you the ordinary person. If you support sanctions you are supporting your continued unemployment, lack of healthcare, lack of education, your starvation as a country and not Mugabe's.

Vote rigging and you the ordinary person.

Be careful of the word “rigging” especially if you haven’t been presented with official evidence of the rigging. This may actually stand as the devil’s quest for an opportunity into inciting you the ordinary Zimbabwean into a civil war or an uprising. “Rigging” is the word used by the Western world to brew hatred amongst you; the word is now the excuse for not lifting sanctions on your country. You had AU and SADC election monitors who said the elections were free, fair and peaceful after you voted; so why are you still being punished? Does it mean that assessment from a black man cannot be taken on board by the Western world?

Why should sanctions concern you?

Sanctions have painted Mugabe as the cause of your suffering; so if Mugabe steps down sanctions will be removed, but is it still democracy when your leadership is decided by the West by means of starving you the Zimbabwean child so that you vote out anyone that they do not want? You have been starved so that you start an uprising? Do you want to be pushed into an uprising? Do you really want a civil war in Zimbabwe? Do you really want to be set against each other by America and Britain? If “NO”, get sanctions against Zimbabwe removed.

In as much as this petition has focused on Zimbabweans, signatures from sympathisers across the world are invited/welcome.

We, the undersigned, call upon the USA, UK, EU and UN to remove all sanctions on Zimbabwe.

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