Brisbane City Coucil

During the Development Application for our "Character Commercial" zoned Cafe in inner Brisbane, the Brisbane City Council imposed the strictest conditions associated with our trading hrs, which meant legally we could only open from 7 am not 6 am which are the standards council have set themselves.

The two neighbours who live the closest to our property have supported the petition and we are looking for local support for an amendment to our trading hrs.

The impact on our existing hrs of operation would mean we would operate from:
6 am - 3 pm (Monday to Friday)
6:30 am - 2 (Saturday)
6:30 am - 1 (Sunday)

We, the undersigned are supporting the application for the conditions package associated with 58 Rainworth Rd, Bardon to be amended to contain the trading hrs to be changed to 6 am to 5 pm Monday to Sunday.

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