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In 2007 the government passed the Energy and Independence Act of 2007. They will be taking incandescent lights 100 watt- 40 watt of the shelves by 2014. They have not given thought to the people who find it medically necessary for the incandescent lights to live with.There are diseases which make having Compact Fluorescent Lights medically impossible to have in their homes.

The government has passed the bill to make it where incandescent lights are off the shelves by 2014 and compact fluorescent lights will replace them.I have a son who has Congenital Erythropopietic Porphyria and is allergic to UVa, UVB, Fluorescents, Mercury, Halogen, etc...

The only medically safe lights for him to use are 60 watt incandescent or less. What are people who have diseases that cannot use these CFLs supposed to do? We would like to see the Act to be amended to where people with medical necessities can continue to use the incandescent bulbs.

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