Municipal Council of Airdrie

"The keeping of backyard chickens in the city supports a local, sustainable food system. Hens provide a safe, nutritious, affordable source of protein with their fresh eggs. They are also wonderful animal companions that are less noise, mess, risk and expense than most other pets.

Chickens will eat most kitchen scraps which lessens the amount of waste we send to landfills. Their waste, in turn, is a nitrogen rich fertilizer that we can use free of cost. If allowed to freely range in the yard chickens provide chemical-free pest control, weed control, and even some grass cutting." (Quoted from petition to the city of Kimberly)

There are many municipalities that currently allow backyard chickens, (for example Victoria, Vancouver, Guelph, Brampton, etc) and many more that are considering it. Red Deer permits backyard chickens within certain responsible pet management parameters which I also advocate. These are not roosters, maximum number of chickens allowed is six, slaughtering not allowed within city limits, and proper care and cleanliness needs to be practiced.

We, the undersigned, support amending the by-law to allow the keeping of female chickens at a residence within city limits and within responsible pet management parameters.

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