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City of Ceres Council Members
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In 1996, the City of Ceres approved the Brown Annexation. We are now in 2004, and the Dunmore Community is asking assistance to revise the old master plan in order to meet the new needs of the community.

1. This petition is to appeal the Brown Avenue master plan before the city council.
2. This is a petition to ask that the master plan be amended from the original master plan.
3. This petition is to request the delay of building medium and high density zoning, while discussion is being made.
4. This petition is to request the City to place the Brown Avenue Master Plan on their agenda to look at the circulation through the community (referring to traffic) with the input coming directly from police and fire, so that a decision can be made (either turning Tranquil Avenue from Morgan Road and San Pedro Ave from Morgan Road into cul-de-sacs or emergency break-a- ways) based on the needs of our emergency response teams.
5. This is a petition to request the change of the median on San Pedro Avenue.
6. This petition requests to place on the City Agenda, the necessity of developing the future Brown Avenue Park.

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