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I just- I’m planning to get a Himiko cosplay and I really want a cosplay buddy and she has a million other cosplays so why not another one?
So please help she originally said 1000 but I don’t think we’ll make it that far so at least try to contribute and let’s make it to like idk maybe 100

We, the weebs and cosplay supporters, declare that LuneLune’s best cosplay friend should indeed get a Tsumugi Shirogane cosplay so LuneLune can cosplay her Himiko Yumeno (IF she manages to finish her math textbook and get it) and they can make many TikToks and post on social media and hang out and go in public in their cosplays etc.

We humbly plead Ms. Amelie “Lee” You-Don’t-Need-To-Know-Her-Last-Name-Baka to get a Tsumugi cosplay for Luna’s benefit only since she already has many many cosplays and this will be Luna’s first time cosplaying and she wants a buddy.

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The Amelie To Get a Tsumugi Cosplay So We Can Cosplay DG3 Together Once I Get My Himiko Yumeno petition to Amelie was written by LuneLune (Luna) and is in the category Cosplay at GoPetition.