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Please help in keeping Amber from profiting the loss of Laci and Connor's lives. Had they not been murdered, she would not have a story to sell. Her book is to come out in January and with your help, I am in hope to stop her from making money from this tragic story.

I feel strongly against Amber Frey collecting a dime for the death of Laci Peterson and Connor. She will be profiting, after saying on National Television she could never accept money for this story. She elected to get in this man's bed on their first date, after already having ONE child out of wedlock. Now, the "Christian" that she is has 2 children out of wedlock, one that she doesn't allow the father to see. She has hurt FAR too many people in her past, without including Laci Peterson and Connor in this.

Please join me in not allowing her to profit from this tragic story. It is a dishonor to Laci and Connor's memory.

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