Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon.com (jeff@amazon.com)

There has been substantial history of sale of anti-Semitic items on the Amazon.com website.

Though technology offers a variety of filtering programs and Amazon has actively demonstrated their use to prevent other offensive or illegal merchandise from being posted.

Amazon has chosen to not limit the sale of a variety of Nazi related toys, flags, action figures, bobble heads and other very pointed merchandise of cruel, hateful and items that potentially promote violence against Jewish people.

We the undersigned, call on Amazon.com to eliminate the sale of any and all anti-Semitic, Nazi promoting and defamatory merchandise from its website.

Furthermore, we call on Amazon.com to immediately implement a strategic initiative to filter out such items and/or content from their website.

We ask Amazon.com and its CEO Jeffrey P Bezos to issue a public apology and pledge to guarantee a commitment to eliminate any further advertisement and/or sale of such items.

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