#Human Rights

For some time now, Amazon.com has arbitrarily chosen to ban books that are LGBT related from their general search tools. To give them the benefit of the doubt, they were somehow able to explain that there had been a glitch in the system. Their new strategy has been to remotely delete books from their customers' Kindle service. These books had a commonality - they had a way to criticize our current political and economic system in some way or another. Amazon explained the Kindle version of these books were bootlegged or pirated, and they were simply trying to protect the authors.

While it seems that Amazon has a knack for deleting, making unavailable, banning or censoring themes they may deem offensive, controversial or not aligned with their belief system, they blatantly make available books that promote the denigration, abuse and exploitation of women and girls by selling books that glorify the pimp lifestyle and their secrets on how to become successful through the exploitation of women and girls. Among these books are: "The Pimp Game: Instructional Guide" in which the cover portrays the silhouette of a naked (seemingly minority) woman, "Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game", "The Art of Mackin'", and others.

We, the undersigned, call on to Amazon.com to eliminate the sale of books that promote, encourage and glorify the abuse, denigration and sexual/physical exploitation of women and girls in this country and throughout the world while at the same time promoting, encouraging and glorifying the exploiter's lifestyle (aka pimp).

Eliminating books that create awareness against the violence committed against the LGBT community or that there could (potentially) be a better way of life does not serve anyone any purpose. However, books that encourage and glorifies violence in the worst possible way through sexual exploitation of women and girls, is reprehensible.

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