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AMA, ABATE & MRF PETITION OPPOSING INTRO- 416-A The New York City Council re-introduced Intro 416-A on December 10, 2008. Intro 416-A has not been voted on by council. This is an opportunity for everyone show their opposition to this discriminatory bill aimed at motorcyclists throughout the New York City area.

In signing the below petition as a resident, commuter, visitor, tourist and/or other of New York City, I affirm that by affixing my signature:

I oppose intro 416-A...

Introduction 416-A, would allow NYC's law enforcement agencies to issue thousands of dollars in summonses, SEIZE your motorcycles and FORFEIT them without due process, for nothing more than being PARKED without an OEM/EPA stamp.

This is NOT just a NYC problem. This law will affect everyone. This law will immediately affect anyone who ever lives in, works in, travels through, visits, or plans to visit the five boroughs of New York City by motorcycle or by trike. This law will soon affect motorcyclists in EVERY CITY AND TOWN IN THE COUNTRY that thinks it has some kind of motorcycle noise problem, because Denver's precedent with their successful Council Bill 242 last year, followed by NYC's soon to be precedent with Council Introduction 416-A, will open the doors for EVERY MUNICIPALITY in the country to do the same.

More than half of brand new un-modified and perfectly legal motorcycles could be ticketed and confiscated with this new law, while legally parked on any street in the city, with fines up to $3,500.00 and confiscation of your motorcycle.

I further agree... Intro-416-A should be removed in its entirety.

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