Alvarado ISD
United States of America

FINANCES: based on LAST years enrollment rates and the cost per drug test for the school it did cost the school around $11,520 for the testing of students. $15 per test, 8 times a year, 10% of the enrolled students in the drug testing were tested in each round of testing(96 students tested every month).

In athletics last year there were 201 students 201x15=$3,015
so the school spent $14,535 on drug testing last year please remember that all these numbers are from last year. Now that the program is mandatory the cost per year is expected to double.

PRIVACY: why does the school think its there job to know what everyone does in there own free time.

PARENTS DECISION: if our parents sign to have us NOT in the program then the school tells us that we still have to join the drug testing program just for a parking spot at the school.

We, the undersigned, believe that the drug testing program in the Alvarado ISD is a waste of financial resources, in addition to being a invasion of privacy it is not the schools business to be in our business.

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