#Human Rights
United states leaders and decision makers
United States of America

For how long have there been reports of police brutality? Unlawful arrests and a blatant disrespect for the law that this country is based on? Countless reports of people of all races and nationalities brutalized verbally and physically by our law enforcement?

You want examples? Just type brutality in Google.

This petition is to work on ending the senseless violence by suggesting more so pushing our leaders to mandate that all law enforcement have uniform mounted cams rolling 24hrs while on shift. This is more than possible and feasible in today's age of technology.

Please sign because we all have or know someone who has been a victim of this and if not it's only a matter of time. All law enforcement is not bad so let's weed out the bad ones.

We the people call on America's leaders to eliminate, or at least lessen, unlawful police force by implementing a monitoring system that will be part of a law-enforcement officer's uniform.

Sign this petition to stop police from using excessive unlawful force.

Let's put the eyes on them and stop the excessive violence.

Let's unite as a people and make change once and for all and stop questionable court cases and let's bring sufficient evidence to court with these cameras.

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