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We are asking for your support to overturn the Home Office decision that Zarine Rentia, a student at South Camden Community School, be deported to India.

Zarine is a wheelchair user as she has Fanconi-Bickel syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, causing liver, kidney and intestinal problems together with severely stunted growth and is currently receiving medical treatment from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Zarine is an extremely popular member of our school and a key, active member of the school council. She is also a conscientious and committed student who is due to take her GCSE’s in June.

If Zarine is deported to India she will not be able to access the same standard of medical care that she is can in the UK. When Zarine lived in India, she did not attend school at all and figures suggest that only 9% of disabled children receive a formal education in India.

Zarine’s deportation would be a huge loss to our school, but would also have an extremely detrimental effect on her, her family and friends.

We appeal to you to show your support, by adding your name to our e-petition and forwarding it to family, friends and colleagues.

We, the undersigned, urge the Home Office - Border & Immigration Department to grant Zarine Rentia and Tasnim Rentia the Right to Remain in the United Kingdom.

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