#Students' Rights
West Middlesex High School Administration
United States of America

The students of West Middlesex High School demand their freedom to wear yoga pants during school hours.

Yoga pants, sometimes referred to as yogas, are a somewhat noticeable fashion staple that have invaded the drawers and closets of the female population. They can be found in numerous countries and are worn by members of society, from celebrities to high school students. The pants are form-fitting and soft, making them a comfortable and easily-moved-in article of choice.

For a student waking up early and sitting in a desk for at least seven of the nine 40-minute periods in a school day, the idea of comfort is a contributing factor in outfit choice. Today's fashion includes articles of clothing that can be equally form-fitting, or tight, as yoga pants. This includes shirts and blouses, as well as the extremely popular skinny jean both female and male students sport on occasion. It is impossible to regulate the "tightness" of clothing worn by students, and it violates their freedom of expression to attempt to do so. Some students in more difficult economic situations may not even have access to clothing that fits them properly.

It is a fact that yoga pants do not expose any part of the body below the waist. In turn, it is unjust to single out such a popular item of clothing, which is not meant to be worn as an undergarment, as inappropriate.

We, the undersigned, call on the administration of West Middlesex High School to permit the wearing of yoga pants during school hours.

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