#Human Rights
Mexican Government

Carmen Aristegui is one of the most famous opinionated journalists in Mexico who is known for exposing the elite. She was recently fired from MVS radio station because she and two other journalists used their company name without permission.

It was stated they used the station as a “smoke screen” for Aristegui’s article about the First Family. However, people think the actual reason behind her being fired is because of an article she wrote. In this article she exposed the first lady and her purchase for a house from a government contractor.

Since she wrote this article and was punished for it, it made people think about what the real reason was behind her being fired.

In an overview of this situation, it caused the people of Mexico and journalists to view this situation as the government limiting their Freedom of Expression and press.

Therefore, the government should allow and not interfere with journalists' right to Freedom of Expression and allow them to be watchdogs of the governments actions.

Freedom of Expression is an inherent right of every human being, and watch-dogging for journalists allows transparency in the government.

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