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Episode Interactive gamers, writers and readers were caught by surprise yesterday when we opened our games to find that our favorite avatars were taken away from us and replaced with Limelight. Some of us, were not at all happy with that surprise. This led us to create this petition because we realized that we have never been given a say on what type of art work we (individually) can choose for our avatars. There are many in the community who prefer a certain type over another and not all of us have the same tastes in avatars. I, personally love INK and hate the new Limelight and the Classic version. This is no offence to the amazing artists that work for the company to bring us these characters, I just don't have that taste. There are many who agree with me. There are many who disagree and like Limelight over classic or INK and there are many who like Classic over the other two. We feel that now that we have three types of art types, we should be allowed to choose which avatar art type we best like for our profiles. We no longer want the newest version forced upon us, we just want our old avatars back. We should all have equal rights to choose which character we want and not favor one over the other.

#LetsFightForInk #LetsFightForClassic #GamersRights #AvatarChoice #LetsFightForChoices #StopDiscriminationAgainstInkAndClassic #RightsForAllChoices

We, the undersigned, call on Episode Interactive to take action and change the choices for their users avatars and to allow, we the users, to choose what artwork that our avatar is shown in.

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