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Albuquerque Public Schools
United States of America

At Manzano High school in abq NM, there's an epidemic occurring with teachers and faculty confiscating cell phones. Manzano high school student agenda states "cellphones, radios, Cd tape players, ipods, electronic devises are permitted, but can not be used or visible during the instructional day, without the express and direct permission and supervision of MHS staff member. The instructional day is defined as 7:20 A.M to 2:30 P.M on any day school is in session."- Discipline page 2 MHS student agenda.

During lunch you can walk around almost any day and see some poor student get their device confiscated during breaks you see students losing their phones and devices.

The administration may feel that the use of cell phones will cause bulling and fights but in reality fights are caused by someone talking trash about them yes some of this may be through text messages but its not all that common for this to happen. The admin may also feel or think that the use of cell phones will promote cheating on test,quizzes, and other assignments. It might but that would mean that the student is using there phone during class to see the answers if that is the case then couldn't they already be doing that.

The rule about all electronic devices needs to be amended greatly. For one thing the instructional period cannot be form 7:30 A.M to 2:30 P.M. there are multiple breaks between classes and there also is a lunch during these breaks when you are outside the classroom your not learning therefore your not being instructed.

As for a second thing if you are not being instructed then your phone or music should have no affect you, yet it does. The teachers will halt classes and harm other people's education because someone walked by their class with a phone out or someone had a phone out in their class.

Texting whilst in their class shows disrespect to the teacher but if you are not in a class then it shouldn't matter because you are not being instructed. We all need to stand together to fight for what we believe is right. We the students of Manzano high school should be allowed to use our phones during lunch and all other breaks.

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