#Law & Order
President Donald Trump, congress, the U.S. government, the federals, the department of justice
United States of America

Hello ladies and gentlemen

Please listen and read this petition very closely and very carefully because this petition here is extremely important and realistic! As you all can see, the USA, modern day society and the whole world for the last 9 years since Barack Obama was president from [2008-2016] have all been in complete total nonstop terrorism, super high crime/crime rate, liberalism, destruction, child raping, murdering, violent rioting and protesting from the left side democratic party, communism, racism, the economy losing so much money, the hollywood illuminati celebrities, the democrats, the liberals, the kkk, antifa, the wicked muslims, ISIS, al qaeda, the evil jews, the criminal gangs, the street thug gangs, terrorists, illegal immigrants, drug cartels, the wicked and corrupted government, the wicked democratic and liberal politicians in the white house:

Barack Obama's destruction problems, Hillary Clinton's destruction problems, westboro baptist church's satanic problems, the total nonstop death threats to the republican Donald Trump supporters from the left side democrats and liberals, nonstop serial killing from the left side enemies today, the globalists and socialists evil problems, the left side committing fraud, the democrats and liberals diving us all in the USA, killing more innocent people and children than ever before and all the etc. and nonstop fire hell today day in and day out! [2017] has been the year of the most highest crime rate, terrorism and the deadliest bloodbath shootings in American history and since Barack Obama was President in office.

Not to mention [2012] was also one of the top most deadliest years with total nonstop high crime and deadly shootings with over 2,500 homicide killings in [2012]. And there are two main deadly killings and events that happened this year in [2017] that made me want to start this petition and create it.

And those two main killings and deadly events are the deadly protesting and riot in Charlottesville, Virginia that killed an innocent young woman and so many other innocent people. And the second one is the super deadly and horrific shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada on [10/1/2017] at Mandalay casino that killed over 59 people and injured over 500 other people putting them all in the hospital that night. And last year in [2016] before Donald Trump became president, there were two other deadly events that happened and killed so many people.

The warehouse fire that happened in Oakland, CA during a DJ party where they didn't belong at that killed more than 30 people that night. And the second one was a deadly shooting at a night club in Orlando, Florida that killed 50 people that night if I remember correctly as well as so many more high crime rate deadly shootings and terror killings in the USA that has been happening nonstop every day over the last 8 years since Obama was in office as President!

And now in [2017], it's all continuing to happen day in and day out nonstop worse and more deadlier than ever before. And the left side democrats, the liberals and all the top enemies in the USA today are all to blame for that. Because they planned for all those deadly killings to happen and they'll always do that because they left side are wicked and satanic and they love violence, killings, terrorism, high crime and war. That's who the left side are and what they represent and they'll never change.

And after what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada on [10/1/2017] that was deadlier than ever, that's when I decided that's now it's absolutely time for the U.S. military troops and special forces in the U.S. military to work with the law enforcement and the local police cops in these total nonstop modern day deadly situations and heavily armed criminals doing massive shootings and super deadly terror killings like what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada. Because it's so beyond dangerous and deadly that even the local police officers and law enforcement are not enough today in the USA with how powerful and ruthless all of today's left side demonic enemies and cold hearted murderers are!

And it's now at the point where talking and trying to works things out with the media and the democratic/liberal left will never ever work now or ever no matter what we do and how much we try to work with them. The left side will ALWAYS be our enemies and they'll ALWAYS cause nonstop destruction, hell and war because they're ruthless and they have no morals and no honor to our country the USA and us good people. And they'll always be against our great President Donald Trump because he's not destroying America and society like Barack Obama did when Obama was in office.

And there are more reasons than words can say why we definitely need U.S. military action and troops in the United States and for them to assist the police officers and the law enforcement in all the top cities and places in the United States where all the highest crime, terrorism and heavy fire shooting happen at [mainly in the democratic and liberal states where corrupted liberals and democrats are at] such as:

Chicago, IL
Las Vegas, NV
New Mexico
Detroit, Michigan
New York [only in the dangerous areas]
New Jersey

and everywhere else in the united states where there are mostly wicked democrats and liberals in the dangerous areas who cause all these deadly killings and fire hell terrorism to happen in the USA causing bloodbath situations and killing so many innocent people. And where all the liberal media violence happens 24/7 a day. Because too many good police officers and cops are getting shot and are losing their lives with the heavy pressure and fire they encounter and it's at the point that the police themselves know that need help and backup assistance from the U.S. military in today's worst and deadliest generation in the [2010s] because we're living in the dark age days like the new world order and the massacre destruction days where we're all in war and we have to fight and win the war over the left side and defeat them all for good!

Otherwise, all this left side terrorism and violence will just get worse and become more unfixable, and more unfixable, and more unfixable and more unfixable and then it will soon get to the point where the left side are all going to cause world war 3 nuclear war and anarchy to happen in the USA and then it will be over for all of us and the whole entire world. And we most certainly DON'T want that to happen now or ever!!

So that's why we also need U.S. military action in the united states and why we need the U.S. military troops and some special forces in the U.S. military who are the most highly trained and armed to work with the law enforcement and the police officers during heavily armed and dangerous gun shootings and violent situations from the left side and have the U.S. military do police action and high risk arrest police tactics, guerilla warfare tactics and delta force gun targeting action like they do in the U.S. military in war against terrorists and other enemies worldwide.

We need to have some u.s. air force planes, some really good used blackhawk helicopters and some UH1 huey helicopters armed with miniguns, browning 30. caliber machine guns and missiles all flying all over the big cities, suburbs, neighborhoods and all over the counties during the daytime and late at night in the united states with the modern day technology and satellite devices we have today. And we need U.S. army troops and U.S. marines in the U.S. marine corps and in the U.S. army to drive in armed U.S. military cars, vehicles and tanks all around the cities, the suburbs, neighborhoods, parks, malls and counties in the United States where all the highest democratic and liberal violence and killings happen at.

That way, in case we have more deadly and heavily dangerous and bloody shootings and terror attacks in the USA like we had in Las Vegas, NV, Charlottesville, VA, Orlando, FL and St Louis, MO [And we most certainly will have way more deadly killings and terror attacks in the USA with the left side Democrats and liberals in today's 2010s fire hell generation], the U.S. military troops and special forces in the U.S. military can also respond to deadly crime scenes and terror attacks and the U.S. military can assist the police officers and give the cops backup and help in dangerous situations by using military binoculars and technology equipment to detect the enemies and gun shooters from long range distances and then the U.S. military troops can do guerilla warfare tactics and Delta force tactics while going inside the heavily armed fire places and buildings to apprehend the criminals and handcuff the criminals during high risk situations with Delta force power and tactics!

And if the gun shooters shoot and kill too many innocent people again, the U.S. military can shoot and fire at the criminals and wound him/her in the legs or ankles enough to be able to approach the criminals, handcuff the gun shooters and bring them to the police officers and the authorities so they can take them to jail and to prison. And we can have other U.S. military troops outside with the police officers giving them backup and cover when needed since too many good police officers are dying and losing their lives because it's difficult for even the cops to handle all of this left side destruction everyday today.

And it will really be good if you all can have the U.S. military troops go with the city police cops and special authorities to all the main places and cities in the United States where all the top violent rioting, massacre murdering and deadly shootings happen by all the Democrats, antifa, the KKK, the liberals and all the enemies on the left side day in and day out nonstop!

That way, we can help lower today's super high crime and reduce the deadly terrorism in the USA today and we can help prevent what's been happening in the USA for the last 8 years since Obama was president from continuing to happen more in the USA in the future. And it will be a lot more easier and wiser for the law enforcement and the police officers to arrest the criminals and enemies under high risk situations and heavy fire with the u.s. military backing them up and helping them. And the u.s. military can also fire at will when they need to. I know it will look like martial law and it will feel like martial law in the United States.

But it won't actually be martial law though, it will just be the u.s. military soldiers and troops assisting the law enforcement and giving the cops extra help and backup when needed during the super deadly and dangerous shooting and situations that are happening non-stop today by the left side enemies. It won't actually be martial law unless president Trump, Congress and everyone vote and Declare for it to become martial law which is what we probably need in the USA today seeing as how ruthless, violent and satanic the left side enemies are today!

And we should have some U.S. navy troops sailing out at sea in the ocean all around the United States in armed U.S. navy boats with special telescopes and forensic technology to detect all deadly gun shooters and enemies from miles away at sea and trap the criminals at sea by the coast and by the bridges in the United States and bring the gun shooters and terror suspects to justice too.

And also, have the u.s. military troops and special forces in the U.S. military use the same electronic camera detectors and big 1080P HD/HDR technology thermographic vision screens with satellite technology and x-ray vision that can read and sensor body heat and easily detect any criminal and person armed with guns and weapons from thousands of miles away through walls, through buildings, in homes, in driving cars, in the mountains, out in the deserts, out in the jungles, at the beaches, out at sea in the ocean, in the neighborhoods, at parks, at the malls and all over the cities and everywhere in the United States.

The border patrol giant cameras with thermographic vision, HQ audio video recording, x-ray vision and satellite technology will stop all the left side demonic killers, terrorism and enemies and capture them all right there and then before they even pick up one gun or explosive and before they even step foot outside and inside buildings and places in the public. And then the police officers, the SWAT team and the U.S. military troops will all be able go to the locations right away, surround the locations with police and u.s. military force, approach the criminals and arrest them all right there and then in a flash without being shot and killed so easily!

And if the U.S. military and the police have to use deadly force and kill the enemy criminals, then it will be easier and more secure for them to do so for good reasons without so many of them losing their lives day in and day out 24/7. So definitely have some U.S. military troops in the u.s. marine corps, the u.s. army, the u.s. air force and the u.s. navy [at least a good 5,000 or 6,000 u.s. military troops each] all out in the land areas, out in the ocean at sea, while flying up in the sky, out in the deserts, up in the mountains and in the abandoned ghost town locations in the United States with giant border patrol thermographic vision cameras with long range detection and x-ray vision that can detect all deadly people and left side enemies clear as crystal from up to 5,000 miles away like outer space telescopes can and do all over the 50 U.S. States 24 hours a day [especially in all the blue democratic states with the most wicked democrats and evil liberals in them.

Because they're the main enemies today]. so that way, the law enforcement, the cops and the U.S. military armed troops and specialists can all overtake the left side deadly gun shooters and killers and arrest them all right there and then before the left side criminals make the first move. I know there are U.S. military troops in Afghanistan and out by North Korea and are ready to annihilate North Korea and Kim jong-un and win the war over him and North Korea very soon! So when all those u.s. military troops pull out and return home back to the U.S. again [the ones who do survive the war against North Korea], have them all work with the police and the law enforcement and have them all do everything I named and listed.

But that's after they come back to the USA later. For now, just have some extra U.S. military troops who are available right now to work with the law enforcement and give the police officers help and backup during all these dangerous killings and terrorism events today when needed so that we can help lower today's high crime rate and reduce today's left side terrorism. And so we can all make the USA safe, secure and great again by having the u.s. military work with the police and help them catch the enemies during heavily dangerous and deadly shootings and situations like what happened in Las, Vegas, NV on [10/1/2017] and so many more that happened and continue happening non-stop every single day today in the USA!

Have the U.S. military do all of the things I named and listed and I guarantee you 100% that all the left side democratic and liberal demonic enemies and terrorism killers will all be outmatched, outnumbered, overpowered and overtaken by the police cops, the law enforcement and the u.s. military too! Do this permanently or for a few decades until the left side enemies and criminal killers are all destroyed and gone like the wind for good and then you'll see a whole total change and how much safer and better America and the world will be from now on with almost no left side terrorism and high crime killings and shootings anymore.

And you can make that happen by allowing the U.S. military troops to legally have some law enforcement power and the authority to arrest U.S. criminals and terrorism gun shooters on the left side democratic party occasionally during certain situations and during certain times too with the police and the law enforcement when needed. And in today's gates of hell generation in [2017] it needs to happen and you really need to allow it to happen and pass a law that will allow the u.s. military to assist the local police and the law enforcement and give them help and backup during all massacres, deadly shootings and terrorism situations in the United States today. WE NEED THIS TO HAPPEN NOW TO MAKE AMERICA SAFER!!!!

Otherwise, the left side are going to continue killing everyone day in and day and out and then the Democrats and the liberals are soon going to annihilate America and the world in fire and ruthless killing. And then, it will be over for ALL OF US [INCLUDING THE LEFT SIDE TOO]!!!! Because today, the police cops and police forces are not enough in the USA today. We need the U.S. military with them too in all the enemy places in the Democratic states and everywhere in the United States where the deadliest killings happen. Or else, we're all going to die.

And do we want that to happen? No we don't. So president Trump, Congress, the U.S. government, the department of Justice and the federals. Me and all the good and true Republicans and supporters of our great president Donald Trump are asking you all to please make the right decision and allow the U.S. military troops and Delta force specialists in the U.S. military to work with the law enforcement and the police officers during all of these modern day massacre shootings and deadly terrorism situations when needed before anymore innocent American people, children and U.S. citizens are killed in cold blood. It's the only way we're going to destroy the left side and help lower and control all of today's nonstop left side killings and terrorism shootings because even the American Democrats and liberals in the USA bomb buildings, homes and places too you know.

Not just gangs and terrorists. So please do the right thing and approve this important petition by allowing the U.S. military to come to the aid and assistance of the cops and the law enforcement and work with them when needed so that we can help get rid of the left side and lower today's high crime rate killings once in for all! And then the world and the USA will become a whole lot more better and safer in all future decades. And of course, the u.s. military can and will annihilate all the terrorists and enemies in other countries worldwide too. But they'll also help the police officers and the good law enforcement during all these deadly situations in the United States when needed too. So let's make this happen, shall we?

If you're a good Republican like me who supports our president Donald Trump and you all want to help make America and the world safer and great again too like I do by destroying the demonic left side enemies [including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the modern day illuminanti celebrities and the Democratic/liberal wicked politicians on the left side too] for all the good reasons.

Then please sign this petition so we can have the U.S. military be allowed to assist the cops and the good law enforcement in the United States when needed and so we can win the war over the left side democratic party and the demonic liberals once in for all! Thank you and God bless the USA, us good Republicans and our great president Donald J. Trump.

[pictures and videos of what the u.s. military can use to detect all left side demonic gun shooters and enemy murders from thousands of miles away everywhere in all 50 u.s. states]

[galactic and astronomy satellite technology the u.s. military and the law enforcement can use in outer space to detect and identify every single wicked criminal, crime lord and enemy democrat in all 50 u.s. states and everywhere worldwide]

[galactic weapons and space vehicles the u.s. military and the law enforcement can use to take down all left side enemies on Earth and up in outer space]

It's time to destroy the left side and make America and the world safe and outstanding again!! So president Trump, the federals, the FBI, the u.s. government, the department of Justice and Congress..Please do the right thing and let u.s. military work with the police officers and the law enforcement so that we can help prevent more deadly massacres and killings like what happened in Las Vegas, NV and so many more from happening again. Thank you.

The Allow the U.S. military and highly trained U.S. veteran troops to work with the law enforcement and the local police cops for extra law and order assistance during all the super deadly shootings and violent situations today petition to President Donald Trump, congress, the U.S. government, the federals, the department of justice was written by Jacob Andrew Sosa and is in the category Law & Order at GoPetition.