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I am a small-business owner in Williamsburg, I co-own a bar called Triple Crown with two other young men, Kit Tipley and Michael Pappalardo.

The bar was our joint dream and first hopeful business venture, into which we collectively invested all of our own hard-earned money into. Sadly, however, our dreams and vision for our bar have gone awry, due to conflicts with our local community board with whom we seem to be in a deadlock for resolution. To appease everyone and save ourselves from total financial demise, we have decided to close shop and sell the business.

The community board, however, refuses to allow us to sell the space and seems to discourage potential buyers from continuing with its purchase. I am writing to entreat you to please help us by stopping by the bar on Sunday to sign the petition, so that we can all get on with our lives and bring an end to any more conflicts. The sound issues with Triple Crown led to us spend an additional $40,000 to improve the sound issues by; hiring a sound engineer to set the sound system so that all of the adjacent apartments were under the decibel level that the DEP has set as the legal limit, installed additional quiet rock to the walls of the bar, offered to put all of the neighbors in the adjacent apartments in hotels while quiet rock was installed in their individual units (this offer was declined), replaced the entire sound system with a new quieter system with a limiter that DJs could not touch, hired a door man to keep smoking patrons quiet and away from the property.

We even closed the business every day except for Wednesday – Saturday to try to minimize the amount of nights that we made noise. For a while that seemed to appease the neighbors, but even then that wasn't enough.

We found our first buyer fall 2006, a reputable businessman who owns a few other local businesses. He wanted to open a quiet café/bar. The sale of the bar and the transfer of the liquor license had to be approved by the community board and we attended the meeting to see the outcome of the vote. To our surprise one woman (who doesn't live in the community but whose father lives next door to the bar) had rallied up a petition and a large number of people in the neighborhood to fight against the sale of the bar. They even made up "no Triple Crown" t-shirts.

Before CB1 could even vote on the sale that night, the buyer— who was very afraid of making these people angry at him due to his other businesses in the neighborhood—pulled out of the sale publicly in the middle of the meeting.

We found another buyer December 2007 and the same thing is happening again. We have been in contract and everything else has been approved for over 8 months. CB1 met Wednesday 10/10 to vote on this point and 7 voted no and 6 voted yes the others did not vote at all. They said they would possibly re-vote next month if the new buyer agrees to certain terms. On September 28, 2007 there was a story in the Williamsburg Courier about this issue. They interviewed a member of the community board and she openly admitted that they want to drive us out of business out of spite. She admitted to knowing that the first buyers have good reputations but because of the bar's loud "hip hop music" and us being unwilling to quiet down his association with us made the sale "dubious.” They have known about this pending sale for months now and if they had any terms for this new buyer they most certainly could have made them clear before this month's meeting.

This was a cleanly run business by very honest people who stand to lose EVERYTHING. It's not a matter of starting over if the bar doesn’t get sold; it's a matter of digging ourselves out of a massive hole due to this harassment from the community.

The bar is now closed with the exception of one or two nights a month to help pay the rent. The rest of the rent is coming out of our own pockets, we are all working double shifts to make this happen and after 8 months of this and my wedding in August we are barely making it. I am just confused as to how denying the sale and driving us out of business and setting us back years financially is the answer to a noisy bar issue. If they were unhappy with the noise then it would seem that they would approve of the sale and everyone could move on with their lives. The next community board meeting is November 8. We are in need of your assistance before that date. Please sign our petition.

We have also listed some of our local representatives, if you feel strongly about this issue please take a minute and send them an email or write them a letter. It would make a huge difference for us and our families.

NYC Council District - 33
Council Member: David Yassky
114 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

NY Senate District - 17
Senator: Martin Malave Dilan
786 Knickerbocker Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207

US House District - 12
Representative: Nydia M. Velazquez
266 Broadway, Suite 201
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 599 - 3658

Thank You,
Myles Tipley, Kit Tipley, Mike Pappalardo, & Lindsey Caldwell-Tipley

To: The NY State Liquor Authority

We the undersigned are in support of Triple Crown and the character of its owners.

We strongly believe that the solution to a noise problem in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is to allow the sale of Triple Crown to a quieter business and since a buyer has been found who understands the needs of the community we plead for a fair review of the liquor license resulting in your approval and thus a solution for both the members of the Williamsburg community and the owners of Triple Crown.

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