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I'm afraid I am not as close to the other admins of the Sophomores of Bronx Science Group on Facebook as I am to Hugh Jay. So really this petition will focus mainly on what I see as being an unjust punishment for Hugh Jay, although I'm sure others are affected.

Hugh Jay is one of the kindest people I know. He's the most enthusiastic person in this school and is constantly participating in organizations that help make Bronx Science stand out. He is first chair Trombone in the school's orchestra as well as a member of Key Club he is also a scholarly student above all else. He's also been a manger for the Girl's Volleyball team. Hugh Jay has helped multiple students, myself included, choose classes for next year and has even written a Course Guide just for Sophomores. Furthermore he is often encouraging students to study and is always aiding people on essays and helping them become better students. In addition to all the work Hugh Jay does at school he is an admin of the Sophomores of Bronx Science Facebook group which serves as a place for sophomores to help each other out as well as a news, debate, and general discussion forum. This gives Hugh Jay the unique experience of having managed the student body already for 2 years. Having read his platform I believe Hugh Jay has some incredible ideas that will make student life at Bronx Science exponentially better. Unfortunately Hugh Jay has been barred from running.

Last year a photoshopped picture with the Principal's likeness was posted onto the Sophomores of Bronx Science group. Hugh Jay being an admin is one of the few people responsible for moderating the content but he was sleeping and was unable to immediately censor the photo. This has led to him unfairly having a dean referral. The dean referral is unfair because it's not Hugh Jay's fault that the image was posted or seen by people. Admins on the internet have lives outside of administrating and can't be expected to constantly monitor their respective groups. Sometimes the users have to step in. Since the incident however, Hugh Jay and the rest of the admin team have made great strides. Moderation has gotten stronger and posts that don't contribute are subsequently deleted. The Group has become a greater resource for the Sophomores of Bronx Science than it was for the Freshman of last year. Hugh Jay has unique experience organizing the student body and it is manifest that he could extend his experience from online to the school he loves so much.

Please sign this petition as Hugh Jay is a dedicated student and loves Bronx Science and he should be allowed to run for S.O. office.

We the students of Bronx Science are imploring the Bronx Science Administration to allow Hugh Jay to run for S.O. office. In its present state Hugh Jay and the other admins of the Sophomores of Bronx Science Facebook page have dean referrals for an image that was posted and was improperly moderated by them. This has led to a Dean Referral which not only hinders their ability to run for S.O. office it also stains their college application. We hope this petition will implore the Administration of Bronx Science to reconsider their decision.

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