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Government, University, Tafe, Victorian Public Service Policy

A lovely and incrediable teacher was forced to return her gifts that I gave her to say I appreciate you as a teacher, she is an inspiration to all with what she been through who had her gifts cruely snatch off her, because centre management said they weren't allowed to accept gifts from current or former students which is CRAZY I have actually checked with the public policy and they stated they do not prevent the gifting of teacher from students, it is organisation decision. What makes me mad is a number of other teacher who were given gifts by others and myself were able to keep their gifts.

We, the undersigned, call on the government, the Tafes and Universities, and the individual public policy per state of Australia to change this.

Teachers deserve to be recognised for their efforts by student, and should never have ever been forced to return the gifts, it is is cruel and heartless, and they deserve to be recognised, not all teachers will ever earn the teacher of the year award, and this is another way of showing how great someone is as teacher and a way of appreciation and saying thanks for their efforts.

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