#Students' Rights
United Student Government of Point Park University, Point Park Board of Trustees
United States of America

Point Park University offers a very small abroad program, which is very expensive and only has 3 locations. The choice to study abroad through an alternative accredited program is very common, but Point Park refuses the right of students to receive any financial aid, student loans or scholarship while abroad through any outside program.

Point Park requires students to sign a leave of absence even though they are transferring their credits towards their degree at Point Park . Many schools don't make students sign a leave of absence for a small fee and in exchange , students are allowed to still receive student loans/aid.

At a school that promotes diversity and preparing students for the real world, how could they refuse the right for students to actually experience diverse cultures and physically see the world? Point Park stresses studying abroad as an "opportunity" for students, but now restricts what "opportunity" means."

Point Park is a great school , but many students have been thrown on their butts financially the second they decide to study abroad through another program. There has been no compromise by Point Park with this issue , and I hope we can make a change for future students who are in this predicament.

"Students should not be penalized for having the ambition to go study abroad. And in general, students should not have to forfeit money they worked hard to earn and are rightfully entitled to." -The Globe


We, Point Park University students , call to administration and board of trustees to re evaluate and change the schools policy on students studying abroad through outside institutions regarding student loans and aid.

Students should not be penalized financially for having the ambition to study abroad if its not through our schools program, but still transferring credit towards a degree at Point Park University.

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