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This petition is for a much needed change - allowing students over 18 to obtain financial aid according to their income and dependency status! Students by the thousands are unable to have proper funds or even attend college because Federal financial aid will not pay for them! If education is key for the future success of our country - why is the government holding us back?

Financial aid WILL NOT grant you aid if you are independent and under 23. If you are under 23, are not married, and do not have children, regardless of your actual dependency status you must choose that you are dependent on your parents. Therefore, if a student lives completely on their own, pays their own bills, transportation, school, books, housing and other necessary bills to support themselves they are still not eligible to receive financial aid because the government will still claim them as dependent on their parents and judge their financial aid eligibility on their parents income regardless if their parents help them or not.

Hard-working people who are trying to better themselves and their futures are being turned down every day and every semester for funds that they deserve to receive and perhaps just the simple fact that they are not 23 or older is holding them back.
If a student starts college right out of high school at age 18 and goes to college continuously and receives a bachelor degree in the standard 4 years he/she will be 22 years old, while others are not even able to start their first class until they are 23 because they cannot receive funds and work hard to pay their own expenses and therefore have no extra money available to pay their own way through college.

The student that does not start school until 23 will not have their bachelor degree until they are 27. That’s a 5 year difference, and the longer you wait to go back to school the harder it usually will be.

This MUST be changed and we must all allow the ambitious, regardless of their age, parental or marital status, succeed and reach their dreams and this change is possible starting with you.

We call on the U.S. department of education to enable all students to be eligible to receive financial aid according to their own dependency status and income.
Many students are unable to receive financial aid because they are considered a dependent, when in all actuality that may not be so.

The standard is that if you are under 23, unmarried, and not a parent, then you cannot claim that you are independent. Therefore, the student must apply under a dependent and their parent’s income must then be used to determine whether or not they are eligible to receive financial aid.

However, What if the student is under 23 and lives completely on their own with no assistance from their parents and are unmarried and are not a parent? For these unfortunate students, it is almost impossible for them to go to college because if they are supporting themselves entirely then they most likely do not have the funds to completely pay for a college education on top of everything else.

Please don’t deprive these students from funds that they deserve any more. I please ask you to consider this and allow students to receive financial aid according to their true dependency status and income.

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