National Health Insurance Board
Turks and Caicos Islands

The recent policy changes to physiotherapy care which the NHIB have drafted have NOT been proven to limit costs, and in fact have been shown in multiple studies to increase the costs on the healthcare system.

To deny this is to deny 15 years of documented, world-wide health economic studies. The UK's own Secretary of Health calls this policy "unnecessary hoop-jumping". This policy will significantly negatively affect patient’s accessibility to the funded care they have the right to access, without unnecessary barriers.

I would ask that in light of the documented and scientific proof of cost effectiveness of physiotherapy direct access, and of the perhaps unforeseen and certainly unintended indirect costs that will be the result of the policy changes to physiotherapy through the NHIB changes, that the Board reconsider and reverse this policy.

I, the undersigned, as a contributing member of the NHIP, object to being required to obtain a physician’s referral in order to access physical therapy services under the NHIP.

This policy will inconvenience me considerably, and will cost the NHIP MORE by adding an unnecessary physician-visit cost to what has been a very effective and efficient direct access system.

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