Praying Medic and Nor'west Prophetic have been told by Facebook they must use their real names or change their accounts from personal profiles to pages.

Facebook's Chris Cox stated in a recent interview that using real names makes people more accountable and "helps us root out accounts created for malicious purposes, like harassment, fraud, impersonation and hate speech."

We would like Facebook to recognise that Praying Medic, Nor'west Prophetic, and many others use pen names for legitimate reasons, and make a positive contribution to the Facebook community.

It doesn't make sense to link the use of pen names with bad behaviour, and discriminates against many genuine Facebook users.

To change a personal profile into a page sets limits on social interaction, and denies the very purpose of friendship and community, which is what Facebook is meant to be all about.

We, the undersigned, call on Facebook to allow pen names to be used for personal profiles in the following cases:

Praying Medic and Nor'west Prophetic, who use pen names for the legitimate purposes of their christian ministry.

Facebook users who use pen names to protect their anonymity, due to the nature of their employment; for example, medical employees, and those in christian ministry, who require privacy and protection for their families.

Authors, who are known by their pen names, and others supporting.

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The Allow Praying Medic and Nor'west Prophetic back on Facebook petition to Facebook was written by Jane Williams and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.