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Information: https://oce.lolesports.com/articles/opl-restructuring-2018-93878

It came to my notice as a Team manager that Riot (Oceania Only) is not letting Teams that have just started growing and heading in the right direction enter the OCS league and that you would have to buy in spot as an organisation. This takes a big chunk of Team that wants to qualify for OCS as well as League of Legends Community itself. This has been ruled out at the start of the season, but it hasn't been advertised to let majority of the community what is happening. I believe that as you have opportunity to enter in every other Region, we should be able to as well. This is injustice and against the community rights. This decision was made in between few Riot Officials in the Sydney's Office, community was never asked for their opinion.

As a member of the community and a player myself, I would like to ask everyone that plays League of Legends in Oceania and have considered in their life to enter Pro League, sign this petition to show Riot that we as a League of Legends Community have voice too.

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