Calgary Board of Education

We would like students to be able to attend high school part time in the physical building and part time online.

We believe this will work well for students who find the full time school experience overwhelming, such as students with health problems, ADHD, or other physical, mental, emotional for family situational limitations that make it difficult for them to be successful in the full school environment.

We would like these children to be able to experience the social and collaborative aspects of high school without overtaxing their abilities. In the past we have been able to do this very successfully, but at present this is not allowed by any school in Calgary that we have approached except Bishop Carroll.

Bishop Carroll is now full and had, as of March 31, a 175 student wait list with a preference for Catholic children.

Please allow children of high school grade to attend high school on a part time basis, if needed, and homeschool under supervision for the other subjects.

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