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Stevenage Borough Council
United Kingdom

Coreys Mill Lane is a road directly outside Lister Hospital in Stevenage Herts. It has always been an essential parking area for the staff, patients and visitors.

A year ago the council restricted it to 4hr maximum stay, they also yellow lined every road in the private estates surrounding the area at the same time. The hospital had 4500 people on its waiting list for staff parking permits at that time. There is no space left in the grounds for staff to park.

The restricted 4hr stay needs to be taken away as a high volume of staff literally cannot park to get to work, all the business' around the hospital have banned staff from their car parks. Many people need to drive to work due to varying shift patterns and w-end work. Dr's, nurses and specialist's have permits, but they need the back up teams who do not have permits to do their life saving work. If enough people let the council know how much worry, misery and stress they have caused by these restricted times, maybe they will see how essential it is to the hospital.

The Lister is a very busy place, they are winding down the QE11 which means it will get even busier. There has been no benefit from this parking restriction what so ever, and the last thing any member of staff needs to be thinking about when their with a patient, is moving their car at a certain time and where to. The last thing a patient needs to be worrying about when they attend for treatment is moving their car after 4hrs.

This really does put things into perspective. Please sign this petition to SUPPORT EVERY PERSON who attends the Lister.

We the undersigned call on Stevenage Borough Council to remove the restricted staying time on Coreys Mill Lane, Stevenage, Herts. To return the road back to free parking.

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