YouTube is the place everyone goes onto to view, comment, like/dislike and subscribe to videos and channels that they may like. These range from simple viral videos of funny acts, music videos, gaming videos and whole movies online.

Youtube offers the service to fellow Youtube Posters that their videos could be monetized for a lot of views and traffic, and it could become their main source of income. One typical account that has made this possible is Pewdiepie, a really amazing gamer and I personally love his videos just like millions of other people do, and subscribers base plus video views of every video he posted show how true this is.

I live in Malta, and finding a satisfying job is hard enough as it is, but I believe that if I and other Maltese citizens pour our souls into this, we can achieve what Pewdiepie did, and let's face it Youtube is infinite and subscribers keep on appearing on youtube, as time passes by.

We, The Maltese Citizens, want Youtube to enable our country for monetization of our uploaded videos, and reach and go beyond the 200 people limit that is needed for Monetization to be available in Malta.

So people of Malta, Let's all join forces in this petition and make this known to YouTube, that WE MALTESE PEOPLE are just as capable as any country they allowed this to be on, and finally WE WILL GET MONETIZATION IN MALTA!

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The Allow Monetization of Youtube Videos in Malta petition to YouTube was written by Jason Alex Zahra and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.