#Neighborhood Living
Fort Wayne Housing Authority
United States of America

Nov 8, 2005

Last year, McCormick Apartments installed playgrounds in our community for our youth. Recently, the playground for children under age 5 (near the rental office) has been locked to residents of McCormick so the new daycare can use it. It is wrong for the playground to be inaccessible to the people for which it was intended.

It has also been said, by management, that the playground has been used for unauthorized purposes by persons older than 5 years old, however, management had not decided to lock the playground until the recent opening of the day care.

I feel that a compromise needs to be made to make the residents of McCormick happy. The day care generally uses the playground between the hours of 11am and 12pm. The day care owner should be allowed to lock the playground during the times that her children are using it and the playground should be open to McCormick residents and their children until dusk dark outside of those hours. After dusk, security should be instructed to lock the playground to prevent access by unauthorized persons (those over the age of 5 years old).

In addition, security should have the authority to unlock and lock the playground on the weekend for McCormick residents.

Keep our playground open to residents of McCormick.

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