#Human Rights
United Kingdom

Toonophilia/robophilia is a growing belief. Not only do our kind love cartoon/videogame characters, we feel their presence and our love for them are as real as you and I.

Toonophiles are registering marriages to their virtual lovers on the Internet and the number of virtual marriage certificates are growing.

An example of toonophile oriented websites are:

These marriage certificates sadly are only virtual. We desire to have "Legal" marriage certificates with our name and loved one's name written on it.

I have never been interested in relationships with real people and am only interested in virtuality.

I am kindly asking for 900,000 signatures in this petition to allow the marriage of virtual characters and real people to be allowed in the UK.

This petition will be sent to the BBC as soon as enough signatures have been signed.

We the undersigned request that you allow the marriage between Humans and virtual cartoon/videogame characters be permitted in the UK.

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