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UK Border Agency, Home Office
United Kingdom

Mariam Harley Miller has been in the United Kingdom for 9 years working continually for the National Health Service in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health sector helping young people of this country through sometimes quite severe mental health problems.

She has also contributed taxes in all that time and has never required any benefits. She is considered "highly skilled" with two Masters degrees and various lesser qualifications. She owns her own property and doesn't have a criminal record.

However on Thursday 31st October her renewal application for residency in the UK was rejected after legally living here for 9 years and UKBA/Home Office decided not to renew her visa, with no right of appeal. As of Friday 1st November she was given just 28 days to pack up her house, her home, her life and leave.

She is no longer allowed to work and was formally dismissed from her senior position without notice or severance pay after 9 years dedicated to the UK National Health Service. The meeting at which she was dismissed was called a "hearing" with "allegations" and an "investigation" as though having her visa renewal rejected was a crime. Ironically she is no longer entitled to health care. The very same health care that she has contributed to in terms of work and taxes. In fact as of that Friday she has no rights in the UK whatsoever despite owning property and her years of contribution.

The only way around this for her now is to demand her removal papers which then grant her right to appeal but a day in court with legal representation costs several thousand pounds.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 3rd February 2014: Mariam Harley Miller has now been issued with removal orders and must lodge her appeal by tomorrow 4th February 2014. Time is running out. Please share this petition with as many people as possible!

To Theresa May, Home Secretary

We, the undersigned, call on the United Kingdom Border Agency, Home Office to renew Mariam Harley Miller's visa and for both the UKBA and the NHS to apologise for their behaviour after the unjust refusal to renew the aforesaid visa.

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