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Newark Watershed (NWCDC) - Board of Trustees
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The Newark Watershed (NWCDC) owns and operates reservoirs located in northwest New Jersey that make up the drinking water supply for the city of Newark, NJ. Four of the NWCDC reservoirs are open to the public for boating and fishing recreational use.

NWCDC regulations specify that: kayaks and canoes are NOT acceptable types of boats allowed on their reservoirs but row boats and bass boats with electric motors are fine. http://www.newarkwatershed.com NWCDC website "Boating Rules and Regulations rule #4": 4. Canoes, sailboats and inflatable floating crafts of any description are not allowed. Kayaks are also Prohibited.

Today, many people choose to fish from kayaks or canoes and this ban is unfairly restricts access to those people who choose to paddle their choice of craft.

To Honorable Cory A. Booker and the board of trustees of the NWCDC,

Please reconsider rule #4 of the boating rules and regulations that bans kayaks and canoes as acceptable types of boats allowed on the 4 reservoirs currently open to recreational use. The paddlesports industry (canoe/kayak) has grown dramatically over the last 20 years.

Kayak fishing has also become a very popular method of fishing. Many other NJ reservoirs such as Splitrock, Monksville, Merrill Creek, Round Valley, Spruce Run and Manasquan all have successfully allowed access to kayaks and canoes. Changing this regulation will cost tax payers zero dollars and since all of the infrastructure for launch sites and parking is already in place at these 4 reservoirs (Clinton, Canistear, Oak Ridge & Echo Lake).

Local paddling clubs would be happy to help in any way to keep all of these waters clean and pure.

Thank you.

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