The Australian Red Cross & Anti-Discrimination Board

In Australia the Australian Red Cross do not allow Gay/Bi Men to donate blood.

Every Blood Donation is tested so there should be no risk of any infection from Stright or Homosexual people.

For every blood donation made up to 3 peoples lives can be saved. There are thousands of Gay/Bi Men who are willing to donate blood. So if you multiply them (1000's) by 3 that is how many lives could by saved by allowing Gay/Bi Men to Donate Blood.
Or worse think of how many people may die/suffer without there donations.

Other countries already allow Gay/Bi Men to donate blood including Isreal, Switzerland & Spain.

Please sign this petition to show public support that Gay & Bi Men should be allowed to Donate Blood.

Every drop helps a life, lets not just limit saving lives to Hetrosexuals.

We are all people wanting to help/save other people.

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