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The background to this petition pertains to the current regulations regarding blood donations from Gay and Bisexual men in the United Kingdom.

At present, any man, who has engaged in sexual contact with another man (even with a condom) is not eligible to donate blood until a year of abstinence following this contact. I call for a revision of these regulations, as all blood donations are tested in exactly the same way.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of the United Kingdom to remove the 12 month ban on Gay and Bisexual men donating blood, following protected sexual contact.

All blood is tested for contamination and infection in exactly the same way. Gay and Bisexual men can adopt children, get married, donate bone marrow, as well as donate organs.

In response to this, coupled with the continual blood shortages in the United Kingdom, the time has come to allow Gay and Bisexual men to donate blood freely.

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The Allow Gay and Bisexual Men to Donate Blood in Britain petition to The UK Government was written by Thomas Andrew Davies-Kohler and is in the category Health at GoPetition.

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