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Sec. 38-17 (a) of Corpus Christi's municipal code makes it illegal for any vendor to "...vend upon any public sidewalk in the city..." The only exception is the Bayfront Seawall, which has 6 spaces reserved for vendors. Five are occupied.

Sidewalk vendors play an important role in the economy and culture of a vibrant city. They help create more engaging spaces and stimulate the local economy by allowing residents to participate in micro enterprises. A study in Los Angeles estimated that every $1 that a street vendor receives creates $1.05 for the local economy.

In Corpus Christi, several students started a hot dog cart that sold their own all natural, handmade frankfurters. They set up downtown and were shut down because of an arcane city ordinance that prohibited sidewalk vending.

We are circulating this petition to change this ordinance. In doing so, we will be allowing those students to pay for their education, creating a much needed service downtown and opening up an opportunity for countless others to participate in micro entrepreneurship.

We will be making downtown Corpus Christi a more engaging place to work, live and play. Please join with us by signing the petition and, if you can, donating to help us push this through the legislative process. We are, after all, students :)

We are requesting that Sec 38-17 be amended to allow food vendors to vend from city sidewalks with the following conditions:

1. The maximum size of vending units shall be (5) feet in width by (8) feet in length, excluding movable parts and pushers. Overall size shall not exceed (5) feet in width by (10) ft.

2. Vending shall be prohibited within (75) feet of another vendor; within 300 feet of any permanent contractual concession; within twenty-five feet of any street intersection; within three hundred (300) feet of the designated grounds of an authorized community festival event, within fifty (50) feet of any building entrance.

3. No vendor shall cause any obstruction to the smooth flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic and vendors shall yield the right-of-way to other traffic of any type.

4. A space of no less than five (5) feet must be maintained between the curb and the nearest side of the vending cart or between the building and the nearest side of the vending cart to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic.

5. Motorized vending units are prohibited.

6. No vendor shall use any type of sound amplification nor shall any vendor shout or make any other loud noises to attract the attention of pedestrians or motorists or otherwise harass or disturb persons.

7. No Vendor shall vend to persons in vehicles.

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