#Neighborhood Living
The Prime Minister and Local council leaders
United Kingdom

Each year Epsom Racecourse, a private company, enforces through a traffic management scheme restriction on parking in local roads. These include side roads with no direct driving access to the racecourse.

This traffic plan is rigorously enforced by the police and it means that local residents cannot park outside their own property. Those with limited off road parking have to find alternative parking for the two days of the race meeting.

One option is to use the racecourse parking service at £10-£15 per day per car and this is to park on common ground! It makes you wonder if this is to do with driving up parking revenue. Residents can no longer enjoy the Derby festival and invite family and friends to join them.

We the undersigned call on the Prime Minister and the appropriate minister of state to order Epsom Downs Racecourse to refrain from imposing pointless and restrictive parking regulations on the residents of The Spinney and Tattenham Grove.

We suggest that a residents' parking scheme be put in place for the two days of the Derby meeting at no cost to residents.

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