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UK Border Agency, Home Office
United Kingdom

I have lived in the UK legally for 9 years, worked the entire time, paid taxes, never claimed any benefits and not breached any of my visa conditions but the UKBA have denied my recent visa application expecting me to return to South Africa with or without my 7 month old baby.

In October 2004 at the age of 17, I entered the UK as a dependent on my father’s Ancestral visa. At the time this was a 4 year visa, Immigration rules changed making it a 5 year visa so in 2008 we would have to apply for 1 years extension.

In September 2008 my parents and I applied for the years extension which was approved and I was granted “Leave to Remain” as a dependant and that visa was valid until September 2013.

In August 2011 my parents and I applied for “Indefinite Leave To Remain”. My parents application was approved and they have since become British citizens.

My application for “Indefinite Leave To Remain” was refused on grounds that I am no longer a dependant, so I continued my stay on my extension visa as that was still valid till 25th September 2013.

In September 2013 my solicitor and I applied for “Leave To Remain – Family Life” and the UKBA denied the application. They claim that since; I am not married to or living with my British partner of 3 and a half years; and as they claim I have not lost my South African ties I should continue my family life outside the UK and either take our child with me, separating him from his British father or leave my 7 month old son in the UK, separating him from his mother.

I am currently waiting to hear from UKBA when my appeal date will be.

If I lose my appeal:
• I will be removed from the UK and I do not qualify to apply for any other type of visa.
• I will be split up from my British partner
• I will be forced to take our child away from his British father or I will be separated from our child
• I will be split up from my parents, sister and grandmother whom have all acquired British citizenship
• I will be sent back to a country with high crime where I have no accommodation, no family, no job and no means of transport.

Please support me in fighting these new inhuman and unrealistic immigration rules by signing our petition.

Thank you
Colette Matthews

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To Theresa May, Home Secretary

We, the undersigned, call on the United Kingdom Border Agency, Home Office to review Colette Matthew’s visa application and Stop taking children away from their parents with the new inhuman and unrealistic immigration rules.

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