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Evanston's Backyard Chickens Committee
United States of America

1. Under the Evanston, city, IL 1957 code, it was only illegal to keep a chicken coop "in a foul, offensive, nauseous or filthy condition" or in a way "so as to be offensive to those residing in the vicinity." (See Evanston City Code 8-4-1.)

2. Since 1974 Evanston has banned the keeping of poultry in the city -- along with horses, mules, swine, sheep, goats, cattle, skunks and poisonous reptiles. See below Evanston City Code 9-4-5:

It shall be unlawful, and is hereby declared a nuisance for any person to keep or allow to be kept any animal of the species of horse, mule, swine, sheep, goat, cattle, poultry, skunks or poisonous reptiles within the corporation limits of the city. (Ord. 43-0-74)

We, the undersigned, call upon the City of Evanston Council to change the current Evanston ordinance (Ord. 43-0-74) that calls chickens "nuisances" and prohibits them in our private yards.

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