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City of Brooklyn Council
United States of America

Brooklyn residents are attempting to join the local and national movement on having backyard chickens. Communities neighboring Brooklyn have allowed backyard chickens for many years now.

The latest city in 2013 to allow chickens is Cleveland Hts. and is off without a hitch. Cleveland in 2009 passed their ordnance with no major problems reported to date.

We, the undersigned, seek to amend the Brooklyn city Municipal Code to add section 505.33 to permit Brooklyn residents to keep hens on private property in a responsible manner, subject to reasonable regulations.

Small, properly maintained coops pose no risk to human health. The knowledge and practice of such skills are extremely valuable in preparing future generations to withstand the economic, climatic, and environmental instability we may face in the years to come.

We believe these benefits of keeping hens to be important:

1. Raising hens in today’s urban environment provides educational benefits for children and adults because it requires stewardship of the urban landscape, ecological responsibility, and conscientiousness of food production.

2. Keeping hens is economically feasible and encourages self-sufficiency. Hens can be fed food scraps and garden waste such as weeds and overgrowth.

3. Eggs from home-grown hens are more nutritious compared to those from factory farmed hens that are forced to live in unnatural and often unhealthy conditions.

4. Nitrogen rich chicken droppings enrich compost.

5. Hens can provide natural pest control by consuming grubs and insects.

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